Six years ago, Jerry and Janice Huot went to their local dealership, looking to trade in their Cadillac for something cheap with great fuel economy. They came across a Plasma Purple Mitsubishi Mirage, a small hatchback with great gas mileage, and took it home.


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Janice was the primary driver, putting about 7000 miles on it initially, but then Jerry took it over to use it for the courier service he worked for, where he drove medical samples around Minnesota between labs and offices.

The couple has referred to the car as the "Purple Won," a nod to Minnesota's own Prince, who was known as the "Purple One." They even bought vanity plates.

When it wasn't being used for work, it was used to haul materials like mulch and bags of gravel up their driveway.

Just to put things in perspective, in order to have driven it 414,000 miles, Jerry would've had to drive an average of 69,000 miles every year. On a Monday-Friday work week, that'd be about 265 miles a day.

The Huots have traded in the car, and bought another Mitsubishi Mirage. Hopefully this one makes it to 500,000.

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