That marketing campaign about "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is just that, marketing. If you're a moron in public, you still get caught.

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Chloe Scordianos, a girl from New York spent her 21st birthday in Vegas last weekend, and met up with a 27-year-old from Houston named Frank Panzica. It's not clear if they knew each other before this weekend or not. But on Friday afternoon, they were busted for having sex on the world's tallest ferris wheel.

It's called the "High Roller," it's 550-feet tall, and it's right in the middle of the strip. Technically it's an 'observation wheel,' so Chloe and Frank had their own glass cabin. In the middle of the ride, they started smoking, undressing, and having hot Ferris wheel sex. Employees could see everything on their security cameras, not to mention people in other booths, who started filming.

So the people running the ride tried to get them to stop, using the intercom. But the ride lasts 30 minutes, so... yeah. Chloe laid down on the floor and Frank provided oral favors, all while the employees yelled at them over the intercom.

They're facing charges for having sex in public, which is a felony.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

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