Well this is definitely a new style of union busting.

The workers at the Claymont School District in eastern Ohio have been on strike for the past few weeks, and many of them have been lining up outside of an elementary school in Uhrichsville, Ohio, and getting honks from drivers who support them.

But that's been a real issue for a 29-year-old guy named Bo Cosens and his 25-year-old girlfriend Rachel Sharrock. They live right across the street from the school, and all the noise was really getting to them.

So, last week, they baked a bunch of cookies to give to the workers, and they spiked the cookies with laxatives.

Fortunately, Bo had posted on Facebook about the plan, and someone who was on strike realized the cookies were laced. So none of the striking workers ate the cookies. They just turned them over to the police.

Bo and Rachel were both arrested and they're both facing felony contamination charges.

Tuscarawas County Jail
Tuscarawas County Jail

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