Scott Smith says he was ticketed after he honked his horn at a vehicle in front of him that was stopped at a green light. That vehicle turned out to be an unmarked police car.

Smith and two co-workers were on their way to work when they got stuck behind the unmoving car. The driver says: "So I honked once and he started to scoot forward, then just like hit his brakes real hard. So I honked again and he started to go forward and kinda threw his arms up, but wasn't really moving, still just blocking the way. So then I just laid on the horn for a minute as he slowly crept forward, and then right as he got through the intersection he kinda pulled into the far left lane of Tucker."

The cop then pulled Smith over, who began recording the confrontation on his phone. Eventually a second unmarked police car rolled up with two more cops in plainclothes.

After 45 minutes the original officer explained to Smith that he would be getting a ticket in the mail. Smith claims that he still has no idea what the ticket is for.

You can catch part of their argument below. WARNING: NSFW Language

The police officer was out of line. No matter what kind of a-hole they're pulling over, the police have an obligation to remain calm and professional.

But it sounds like the driver was just honking his horn at a stopped vehicle at an intersection. If the length was too long, that sounds like a subjective judgment by the officer, and I'd be curious how the court would weigh on that.

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