The debate over whether the Confederate flag should be removed from official offices in the South has become a hot button issue in the wake of the the mass church shooting in South Carolina.

But did you know the Confederate flag at the center of the controversy isn't the flag that should be causing all this ruckus? Nope, it's not. You can learn the hidden history of the flag in the above video, which gives a timeline of the Confederacy's choice, including one which had so much white it looked like it was surrendering.

The video sheds some light on the Confederacy's history with choosing a flag. It's bound to open your eyes to the problems it had in selecting the proper symbol.

Meanwhile, the flag that has suddenly became the focal point of debate these days continues to have its supporters and detractors. Over the weekend, there were rallies in Alabama and South Carolina, with people expressing their desire to keep the flag flying as a way to respect their heritage.

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