Here's a piece of free advice: keep your hands to yourself.

That's a bit of knowledge that would've served this tourist in Britain well. He was shadowing one of the country's famed Queen's Guards outside Buckingham Palace when he made the fateful decision to touch him. Bad move.

The guard screams and pulls his gun on the tourist. Amazingly, the person recording the scene laughs. We wouldn't laugh if a man pulled a large weapon on us, but, hey, we all react differently, right?

A spokesman said the guard did nothing wrong and will not face any punishment for his actions. He said, "The soldier is there to protect the Queen, himself and the sentry position. He reacts appropriately."

Still, you can see the guards are trained not to take any matter lightly. Next time you're in London and want to communicate with one of the guards, do yourself a favor and just wave.

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