A crowd of Penn State students gathered off campus Sunday night to mourn the loss of someone so dear to their hearts; the Taco Bell on 310 E. College Ave.

The location closed with no warning last week, shocking everyone in the area and rocking the community. Someone thoughtfully organized the vigil on Facebook, which had over 700 responses.

The event took place outside the closed store, which was boarded up and missing the iconic purple bell.

People gathered along the sidewalk, with candles, lighters, and flowers to show their love for their lost establishment. It was one of few late night dining options. They laid flowers outside the doors, and even sang songs in remembrance.


The organizer, Prajesh Patel, gave a short speech about the restaurant, appropriately in a Taco suit. “We were all shooketh after hearing about the closing of this beautiful, beautiful State College establishment. Taco Bell was our home, away from home. It added spice to our life."


The students have said they want the restaurant to come back into the building rather than have it filled by something else.

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