Attention clown lovers! A motel in Tonopah, Nevada that is themed around the circus performers has just gone on sale with one condition. The current owner insists the 600 clown figurines, mannequins and paintings must stay.

Crazy ugly grunge evil clown on Halloween making people scared

Bob Perchetti has owned the Clown Motel for 22 years and says it's time for someone else to look after the building. He's hoping the motel will be sold within a month so that he can spend time with his family.

He says the clowns must stay after the sale, "I'm not going to let them change the clown motif. That's going to be part of the contract."

The motel was originally built in 1985 to house the small clown collection of brother and sister LeRoy and Leona David. Since then it's been known as Clown Motel.

The motel was featured in a 2015 episode of "Ghost Motel," blurry footage showed the hand of a clown mannequin moving on its own.

Perchetti says that he's had at least seven offers to buy Clown Motel.

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