It felt like summer today, didn't it?  Last I checked it was 41 degrees.  Super warm!

The problem is...we've still got a TON of snow.  That's a problem.  Not only does it mean things are going to be sloppy and messy in a month or also means things can still be dangerous right now.

When I was a kid they had the Adopt a Fire Hydrant program. Maybe they still do, I'm not sure. But it basically gave an unnecessarily large amount of responsibility to a child in regards to human lives.  Maybe that's why they did away with it.

My dad was a volunteer fireman, so I took great pride in making sure the weeds were not over grown during the summer.  I remember even sweeping up the rocks next to it to make it tidy.

We didn't have much going on in Milledgeville, so this was a big deal to me.

I saw this video on the Facepage and it reminded me of taking a shovel out in front of the neighbors house and shoveling around the hydrant.  Because I had "adopted it".

Now, I realize how much damage can be done if someone...even a dumb kid...doesn't take care of the fire hydrants.

The fire department in Oshkosh, Wisconsin shared this video of why it's so important to clear out the snow around your fire hydrant.

Notice it takes about 2 extra minutes to clear the snow from the hydrant. FYI house fires double in size every minute. Also make sure to clear about 3 feet around the hydrant to give the firefighter room to work as well as a path to the street.


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