When Michaels and I approached our bosses and potential sponsors about creating a calendar that featured local cars and models it was not enthusiastically received at first.  But I knew that the Quad Cities had some seriously great cars, and craftsmen building more every day.  I wanted to showcase these great cars, and finally Budweiser and Stern Beverage agreed to come aboard as the main sponsor.

10 years later the calendar has had many sponsors, and brought more than 100 classic cars to the forefront.  Many models and photographers have added great work to their portfolios.  We have had great fortune to have met so many awesome folks through this project.

Jamie Sedam posing for the shot that was used on the cover of a Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar. / Townsquare Media
Jamie Sedam posing for the shot that was used on the cover of a Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar. / Townsquare Media

One in particular was model Jamie Sedam.  She appeared in our calendar 3 times, and played an integral part in it's early days, helping any way she could from the photo shoots to working behind the scenes.  When she was killed by a drunk driver shortly after a photo shoot for our 2013 calendar, I knew we needed to commemorate her spirit--I just didn't know how.  It was only when I saw the helpfulness and caring from others in the following years' calendar photo sessions that it hit me--an award for one model in particular each year who showcased qualities similar to Jamie, who was both edgy and simple, brazen and helpful.

We decided to call this award the 'Jamie' and award it in her memory each year the evening before our reunion of the models at the Rod and Custom Show calendar signing. We hold an annual "Thank-you" reception for the models, car owners and photographers involved with the calendar, and this year's Jamie Award went to Eleanor Stout, who happens to be a friend of Jamie, and who only started to seriously consider modeling after grieving her loss.  John Marx did a nice write-up on the story here:

For the record, Stout is a 24-karat gold mix of caring soul and good humor. She is Miss Augusta 2018 for annual car calendar put together by the legendary local radio duo, the 10th of its kind. It was the third time in four years, the hospital security guard / full-time farmer with a fast-charging modeling career graced the calendar's pages.

Michaels and I love how our little project has become an annual tradition.  Thanks to the support of our current sponsor, The Camera Corner, and all of our monthly sponsors who make it possible, and to the car owners and models who appear on our pages.

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