In a new viral video, a Russian circus bear is seen pushing a wheelbarrow toward his trainer, getting upset for an unknown reason, and attacking his trainer. Audience members began grabbing small children and leaving because there was no barrier.

The 16 year old bear, named Yashka, was on his last tour and was not feeling well when the attack to place. The 660lb beast attacked his trainer Ruslan Solodyuk for an unknown reason, and went on to move his way into the audience, where he was subdued by a stun gun.

The bear has no history of violence, and has been the star of their show for years. He has been featured on the circus' Instagram page in the past.

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The manager of the circus says after an internal investigation into the incident, it is believed that the attack was caused by audience member's camera flashes, and that both the bear and the handler are okay.

A criminal investigation has been opened into the incident, on a charge of unsafe services being provided by the circus.

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