What's the worst thing that's happened when you flushed a toilet? I'm willing to bet your porcelain throne has never exploded.

After reports of nearly 1,500 units exploding, officials have issued a recall on the Flushmate II 501-B pressure-assisted flushing system. About 1.4 million of these flushing systems are currently in use and are at risk of exploding.

The Flushmate can burst, releasing stored up pressure and shattering the toilet that it's a part of. If you have one in your home, turn off the water supply to your unit and flush it to release pressure.

The flushing system was sold from September 1996 through December 2015. Check the label below to see if you have a recalled unit, then contact Flushmate to request a free replacement.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer Product Safety Commission

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