As I watched the Hawks kick some Minnesota Golden Gopher ass on Friday night, I started the wonder "How much does Kirk Ferentz make standing over there, looking at a clipboard, calling plays, and watching football?"

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After some digging, I found The University of Iowa's contract with Kirk, which included his salary, as well as all of the perks he receives as part of their deal.

It starts off explaining that his salary will be reduced from $2.47M to $2.42M, a reduction surely to hurt the wallet quite a bit.

His contract is set through January 31st, 2026, so we'll be kicking it with Kirk for a few more years. As the years go on, the higher his pay goes, capping out at $3.27M the final year of the contract.

University of Iowa

There also are bonus opportunities, which are dependent on how the team ends the season. 

University of Iowa
University of Iowa

If Coach Ferentz is awarded any coaching awards from a specific list, he also gets a bonus.

University of Iowa

A few other things; if the team achieves a graduation success rate of 80% or higher, coach gets another $100,000, and if the team wins 8 games in a season, coach also gets $500,000.

Be sure to check out Appendix B yourself, which features all of the perks of the contract, you'll want to renegotiate with your boss after you do

  • Coach can take up to six guests with him on the team bus or team plane to regular season games
  • Coach's spouse can travel through team mode of travel to any road games "At coach's discretion."
  • University provides 2 cars as well as insurance to Kirk and Mary Ferentz
  • The Athletic Department will provide a membership at the University Club for all coaching staff and their families.
  • "Coach shall have access to a private jet for his personal use for up to 35 hours of flight time per year, and at least 50 hours per year for approved business use." You'll have to check out the rest of the details on Page 13.
  • Coach will receive 20 game tickets to each home game, and access to one viewing box in Kinnick Stadium press box for exclusive use during all home games

I'm not sure whether to be surprised or not. It almost feels like I expected nothing less.

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