On Rush's "Time Machine Tour," they shared a video showing the evolution of the band, and how they, at one time, went by the name "Rash" and were exclusively a polka band.

The skit's video shows the band dressed up with Alex Lifeson sporting a fat suit and playing an accordion, Geddy Lee playing Tuba while in some sort of, what appears to be, an ice cream man outfit, and Neil Peart looking like he's Tom Hank's stand-in for the movie about the plane on the Hudson River.

"Rash" plays through Closer to The Heart in a way you would never have heard before.

When it came to the live portion of the concert, the band mixed up Working Man, giving it a Reggae vibe.

It's different than what you're used to hearing but it's definitely something that'll tickle your fancy if you love this band.

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