I know most kids don't even use phones as phones anymore. They're too busy SnapChatting and watching YouTube. Someone discovered an old guide to proper phone etiquette from the 1950s.

It has a bunch of tips on how to conduct yourself while talking on the phone or "telephoning," as they referred to it back then. See if you think any of these still apply today:

  1. Answer calls promptly, on the first or second ring if possible. It gets the call off to a favorable start.
  2. Greet the caller in a friendly, courteous manner. Be alert, enthusiastic, and sincere throughout the call.
  3. Speak directly into the phone, so they can hear you. Your lips should be about half an inch from the receiver.
  4. Visually picture the person you're talking to, so your conversation will feel more personal. Give them your full, undivided attention like you're talking face-to-face.
  5. When you're done with your call, don't bang the phone down, hang up gently.

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