This might make sense if you've got a really big family, or an explosive case of diarrhea. In case you missed it, Charmin is now selling comically big rolls of toilet paper that are supposed to last up to a month per roll.

They're called "Forever Rolls," and they come in two different sizes; a single-user version with 850 sheets, and a multi-user version that's 1,700 sheets per roll. A "regular" roll of Charmin has 77 sheets. So the multi-user one is like 22 of those.

They're so big, they don't fit on most dispensers. You have to buy a special holder. Or you can get one for free if you buy a starter kit. You can get a multi-user kit with three rolls and a stand for $30, or a single-user kit for $16.50. And you can save more money if you sign up for their subscription service, and have them auto-shipped.

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