My perspective was unique for our 2nd annual Old George's Ale tapping at Bent River Brewing Co. Thursday night. I was costumed as British King George, and saw the beginnings of a revolution from a surly bunch of treasonous criminals.

Thankfully everyone's thirst for independence was quenched with some delicious beer from the updated 1760's era recipe, thus no need for an actual revolution. So King George and founding father George were able to put aside their differences in the name of history--and beer drinking.

If you give me enough time, I'll have a special beer for every single notable date. Just like Old George's Ale celebrates George Washington's original brew.

Thanks to Bent River Brewing Company, The Fun Company for our costumes, and all the folks who came out last night for the Old George's Ale tasting.

Did you use our new selfie station last night? Those photos are available online, click here to check them all out. Also keep an eye out at our future events for your chance to take some selfies with us.

Old George's Photobooth

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