This morning we talked to Carson King. His fund drive concluded with a charity concert last night and he closed his Venmo account at 11:59.

Earlier this week the overall total was around the $2.2 million mark, but after a huge final push, a video from Kirk Ferentz, and a final fundraiser last night has him estimating that his Venmo account would be somewhere around $900,000. Just doing the math, with Venmo and Busch kicking in their shares that would make the donation at around $2.7 million. There's some counting still to be done because of the donations coming in from outside of the Venmo account. The potential for a $3M total is very likely.

When asked about his future plans he said, "I'd like to start a foundation and continue to raise money for Stead." I have a feeling that whatever he does in his future will be fantastic.

We asked him if there was anything else he wanted to say to everyone and what he came back with left me floored...

"Just thank you. Seriously. This is overwhelming. None of this could've happened without the support from everyone. The thousands of people who were donating to the cause. You know, they're really making a huge difference for all the kids and their families, and it's something that's going to last for quite a while, I think."

~Carson King

No, thank you Carson. Thank you a million times over. This money will go to help so many families and we'll see the extent of your work from the past couple of weeks for years to come.

He plans on hopefully being able to make an official announcement this afternoon on the Murphy & Andy Show

Here's our full conversation with Carson from this morning.

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