On Monday, a federal judge granted control over Joe Exotic's 'Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park' to none other than Carole Baskin.

Of course, you already know about Joe's conviction of conspiring to kill Carole Baskin in Florida, the five tigers he did kill, and illegally selling tiger cubs. He's currently serving 22 years in federal prison.

Carole's been after the zoo for some time. The court ruled the Greater Wynnewood Development Group have 120 days to leave the zoo's premises. All of the animals must also be moved by the time that grace period is up.

Jeff Lowe was currently in possession of the zoo at the time of the deposition, and felt that it was time to give Carole the land.

"After spending $2.5 million to secure a million-dollar judgement against Joe, we feel that her securing this land is the appropriate outcome. And that allows us sufficient time to open up Tiger King Park in Thackerville, behind the WinStar Casino."

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