The Dukes have nothing on a driver in California who last week was caught on film soaring through the air high enough to almost clip the powerlines.

A driver who happened to be driving down the same road the car landed on in Yuba City caught the crash on dash cam video.

"I think I'm going to wash my truck tomorrow," the man can be heard saying just before the car comes into view.

The Sun via YouTube
The Sun via YouTube

"Long about now, bet that boy wishes he had a parachute."

The car flew at exactly the right height to thread the needle between two power lines before hitting nose first into the ground.

The Sun via YouTube
The Sun via YouTube

After the car hit the ground, the family called 911. The driver was taken to the hospital for treatment, and officials say they sustained no serious injuries.

Not only did the driver survive, she reportedly walked out of the hospital later.

Police told TMZ alcohol was not a factor, and CBS13 spoke with a nearby business owner who said the vehicle sped past his business and failed to make a sharp turn, launching off of the embankment.

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