Today is the 45th anniversary of the release of The Who's "Tommy" in 1969.  Was it an album...?  Was it a play...?  Was it an opera...?  Yes, it was all 3.  It was a MAJOR event back in 1969, but unfortunately for me, I was too young at the time to find the interest in listening to it (or watching it) much less appreciate its significance.  Then when I reached the age where I could, I had developed other music interests, and I didn't want to take the time to go backwards and explore it.  My loss maybe, considering that many of those people who did explore it, just loved it.  For me, the music was just "ok" .. even the biggest songs from it (Pinball Wizard, We're Not Gonna Take It, etc.) were never very high on my favorites list.  But "Tommy" won numerous awards all over the place.  Tony awards, Drama Desk awards... they even created a new category so it could win a Grammy award!  Pete Townshend was heralded as a genius, and so on, and so on... But for my money, Pete Townshend would be a genius even if he'd never written "Tommy"!  So whether or not I just missed something along the way, I'll just say now that I do appreciate the effort, I do appreciate the story, and I will ALWAYS appreciate The Who.  "Tommy" fans, today I salute you.