Is there anything better than playing hooky from work?

Aside from two candy bars accidentally coming out of the vending machine when you paid for one, no there isn't, which is why this clip is so funny.

YouTuber CanadianChestHair decided it would be a hoot to call in to his new job to say he couldn't make it in because he wanted to go fishing. The catch (pun most definitely intended)? He didn't work at the store where he called. That didn't stop the assistant manager on the other end of the phone -- who admitted she didn't remember him -- from chewing him out a little bit, even as he continued to dig his own grave.

She's all business, while he happily egged her on, never breaking character.

Sylvia here sounded a little uptight. Perhaps she ought to take a day for herself to unwind. Some time fishing may do her some good.

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