Now, I'm not implying that I was misled as to the size of this "overnight bag," but they did say it would easily fit my tablet or other computer, in addition to essentials for travel.

The bag that I currently use has gotten so threadbare that the zippers don't work. I just don't feel comfortable carrying my laptop around in it anymore.

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The thing is I don't like to spend a lot of money on these kinds of thing, it cuts into my wine cash. I think I spent about $5 on my current bag, so I couldn't pass on this offer from AARP.

For just a $16 membership fee to AARP I would be sent an overnight bag. A bag that could easily fit my tablet or computer and everything I'd need for an overnight stay.

This is the bag that I got for signing up for AARP:

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In the photo, my hand is resting on the bag. Unless I'm spending my overnight at a nudist colony instead of the Amana Colonies I don't think there is enough room for even my sexiest pair of "barely there" undies, let alone a toothbrush and tablet.

Well, Amish folks... here I come!