I saw a cool ad on my Facebook feed about these New Era caps with a military theme (Camo bill, olive color, stars sewn into the side) that you can buy to show your "support" of those serving...

New Era
New Era

I wanted to know if any part of the inflated purchase price ($40.00 over the typical $34.00) of the limited time only caps went to help any military organizations, and the rep I chatted with online told me this when I asked him: "I am terribly sorry, but we are not provided any information about where the earnings from purchases made through us are directed."

That leaves me a little uncomfortable. If they were donating a portion of the "Support" caps' purchase price, you'd think they'd be yelling it from the mountaintops. So just be careful--they are cool hats, but it's a little misleading in my opinion.

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