Apparently, men can be basic too. Pretty soon here, we're going to be throwing on some  yoga pants and Uggs. Sure Tom Brady wears them, but he gets away with a lot of stuff.

According to the newest survey from OnePoll, 54% percent of Americans are looking forward to Pumpkin Spice Season, an all time high for the made up time of year.

In an unexpected move, the survey brought to light that men are more excited for pumpkin everything than women:

  • Most men in the study ranked "all things pumpkin spice" among the top three things they were looking forward to this year, alongside football and the weather change.
  • Men shared their intentions of indulging in the flavor craze at a 2:1 rate to women, whether it's stocking up on pumpkin coffee creamers or donuts, or just buying anything that has a picture of a pumpkin on it.
  • More men have increased their coffee consumption while stuck at home than women, with 38% adding flavored options and trying new recipes

So, I guess the cat's out of the bag. It's time to just embrace the spiced goodness, and pumpkin spice things up a bit this year. You won't regret it.

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