People sure do like their Busch Light around these parts.  We all know at least one person who owns a "Busch Latte" shirt or koozie (or both).  We've all seen the cans of "corn" tall boys in the cooler just below the surface of the ice.

Busch Light is doing something really cool that will solidify their foothold with the rural Midwestern beer drinkers.  They're teaming up with John Deere and donating to farmers!  Talk about Midwestern hospitality!

For a limited time, starting May 16th, when you buy one of these special Busch Light packages, both Anheuser-Busch and John Deere will donate $1 to Farm Rescue up to $100,000!

What Does Farm Rescue Do?

They help farmers who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster (think of 2020's derecho which damaged Iowa's corn, soybeans and other crops to the tune of $490.8 million).  Farm Rescue provides equipment and volunteers to plant or harvest their crop for farms & families in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

We are truly honored to be the beneficiary of this incredible co-promotion from John Deere and Busch! Individually, these two companies have provided tremendous support to our assistance operations and this latest partnership will provide an even greater boost to our volunteer-led efforts.
Thank you, John Deere and Anheuser-Busch, for supporting American agriculture and farm families in crisis!

Of course, the memes are rolling out in droves.  Here's one that throws shade at the Case IH lovers saying, "Now the Red guys won’t feel left out."

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