Burger King is going above and beyond for us on Valentine's Day.

They've created a "Breakup Box" for us to give us some free food. The rules are simple:

  1. Drive to Burger King
  2. Pull a photo of an ex out of your pocket
  3. Put it in the Break Up Box
  4. Get a Free Whopper

Burger King says they're destroying all of the photos, but I expect them to throw a buttload of undamaged photos in a dumpster somewhere the likes of which will become a personal Tinder for Murph.

The boxes are part of a promo for "Birds of Prey", so Harley Quinn will be making appearances at the locations. Unfortunately, the boxes are only available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and New York.

They're giving people outside the area a way to get $3 off a Whopper, through a quiz on the Burger King mobile app.

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