24-year-old Greta Perske grew up in Sartell, Minnesota and she survived leukemia at 16 thanks to a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor she'd never even met.

(Greta Perske)

She got to meet him for the first time about a year later. He's 51-year-old Danny Daniels from Arkansas and now eight years after the transplant, she says she's still not done thanking him. Greta got married about three weeks ago, and didn't just invite him to the wedding, she asked him to share the first dance with her.

You can tell from the photos that she was pretty emotional during it, and Danny says he had a hard time holding it together too.

Greta's dad didn't mind sharing it with him, by the way. He says the entire day felt like a miracle, because eight years ago they didn't even know if she'd make it to her wedding day. And Danny is the reason she did. Her mom also gave a speech at the reception. And when she introduced him as Greta's marrow donor, he got a standing ovation.

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