We love to see the younger generation doing something good.  It makes you feel like something is going right in this world when it's very easy to see bad in a lot of places.

I'm not sure when this happened, but it popped up in my news feed.  A little boy saw his elderly neighbor shoveling snow off his front walkway . . . so he went and took over for him.

His mom added a voiceover and music to the clip before posting it.

(It was posted March 29th on Rumble.com.)

When I was a young chap I always liked helping older folk.  I'm pretty sure I liked the praise my mom gave me afterward...so it's probably not as selfless as it sounds but I was a good kid dammit.

I remember seeing my elderly neighbor, Mrs. Woodin (who was probably reaching the high peaks of 55 years old) out mowing her lawn.  Her husband lost his leg from the knee down and couldn't help her so I thought I'd get out and do a good deed for the day.

There were two things I didn't take into consideration.  Number one: she liked her lawn looking pristine.  She was one of those "angle lawn" mowers where they only cut the grass in a diagonal motion.

I was not up to that level of agility.

Number two: I couldn't push the mower.  I had bitten off more than I could chew and they didn't have self propelling mowers back then.  So, a couple passes of struggles and wavy lines she had enough of my "good deed". I had to walk away and instead of getting a huge "thank you" I had to apologize and sulk into my bedroom.

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