Boetje's Stone Ground Mustard has taken the Grand Champion title at the 2016 World-Wide Mustard Competition along with the gold medal in the Coarse-Grained category.

Boetje's / Facebook

Boetje's was the clear favorite of the more than forty judges in the "Best-of-Show" round. According to the National Mustard Museum, this is the first time in competition history that the top grainy mustard has won the Grand Champion award.

They go on to describe what makes Boetje's special. First, the flavor. Unlike so many grainy mustards, Boetje’s has a bold mustard kick that comes from the mustard and only the mustard. You might think it has horseradish but it’s all about the mustard.

Second, the texture. This is a satisfying grainy mustard that pairs well with smooth cheeses and in mashed potatoes. (The Curator puts it on baked potatoes – without the fat of butter of sour cream and it’s fabulous).

Third, it is as simple and natural as you will find. Only five ingredients: water, vinegar, mustard seed, sugar and salt. And only 7 calories per serving, so go crazy.