A recently released body camera video further proves the point that police never know what they're going to come across during a shift.

Ada County Sheriff's Department shared the video from Deputy Bryce Bienz's camera. Beinz had just finished giving a warning to a driver, and just before the car pulled away, 3 ne'er-do-wells from the neighborhood decided to see what was going on.

The three turkeys were blocking traffic, so Bienz told them they needed to go home. They did not comply, and even charged the officer.

Bienz deployed his baton and slammed it on the ground, driving them back and starting a minutes long standoff and argument.

A passing driver stopped to offer help to the deputy, but Bienz knew this battle was all his own.

The police department released the video along with a statement saying “Sometimes, they run up against hard-cases who just aren’t interested in listening, or talking, or anything, really. Last Sunday was one of those days for Dep. Bryce Bienz.”

Thank you for all you do Deputy Bienz.

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