Twiggy is a performing water skier and Eastern Gray Squirrel in Toronto.


The only problem is, according to the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 349, rodents weighing more than 3lbs can't be held in captivity. The Toronto Wildlife Center has publicly denounced Twiggy's show and trainers, saying "Using a wild animal in a ridiculous display as a public attraction is archaic and cruel, and very stressful for the animal."  

So, they packed up and headed west to Vancouver, following the boating show that they had previously done the show in Toronto with that brought them so much attention.


The only problem with doing the show in Vancouver, is they specifically have a law against water skiing squirrels. "Rodentia" may not be used in "in a competition, exhibition, performance, event, or other situation."

So, this Bonnie and Clyde tale will move on down the road, until they find somewhere Twiggy is accepted.


There have been many Twiggy's, as they retire the squirrels after a few years on the road.

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