Wednesday morning over in Franklin Ohio, police received a call to a home on Park Avenue at 3:30 AM. The man on the phone said he shot at a burglar in his home.

The victim told 911 dispatchers,

“I got a shot off him. He was coming right towards me. I don’t know if it hit him or not.”


Turns out that the man who shot the gun was partially blind, and had just gotten home from the hospital the day before.

A trail of blood lead away from the home, which police and their K-9 followed. It led them down an ally and into a shed around the corner.

The 36-year-old intruder, Jeffery Carl was hiding in the shed with a gunshot wound in his butt.


The man who owned the shed, Joe Lewis, knew who Carl was. He told the police,

He ain’t a dangerous person. He just got issues like all of us do.

Turns out Carl has a history of drug and weapon charges and a current warrant for domestic violence.

The victim’s family says that before he was shot, Carl stole guns and music equipment from the victim.

Carl was taken to Atrium Medical Center and then to jail.

He will be charged with burglary, according to police, and is locked up on a $50,000 bond.

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