Come join the Tater Team and be part of a truly unique experience.

YouTube @BigIdahoPotato
YouTube @BigIdahoPotato


Get up close and personal with the Big Idaho® Potato Truck at the Davenport River Center this Wednesday.

This amazing truck is a 72-foot long flatbed trailer featuring a 28-foot long, 10-foot wide, and 11.5-foot tall, 4-ton Idaho® potato. It’s no surprise why this giant spud has been the star of the Idaho Potato Commission’s national television advertising campaign. "The most frequently asked question we hear is 'Is it real?'”

The truth is, if it is real, the Big Idaho® Potato would be the equivalent of 21,562 medium-sized potatoes, weigh 802 times more than the largest potato is ever grown, make 20,217 servings of mashed potatoes, make close to 1 million French fries, and take nearly 7,000 years to grow.

You don’t have to take 2 years to bake this potato as you can see it up close and learn all the facts from the Tater Team. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn all there is to know about the Big Idaho® Potato Truck, Wednesday at the Davenport River Center.

Keeping Up With The Tater Team -
Keeping Up With The Tater Team -

The Tater Team

The Tater Team consists of Kyle, Erin, Melissa the truck driver, and Ron the backup driver.

Tater Team, Kyle, Erin, Melissa -
Tater Team, Melissa, Kyle and Erin -

The Tater Team will be available to answer any questions and concerns. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and go down for an unforgettable hump day adventure.

When and Where Will It Be In Town?

Wednesday, April 12
136 E 3rd St
Davenport, IA 52801 USA
10:00 AM-4:00 PM

Last Year's Tour

Last year the Big Idaho Potato Truck had its 10-year anniversary tour.


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