After talking to Paramedic Charlie Heflin today about his 18-year reunion with a baby he saved in 1995, we received many great calls and emails from people who were moved by the story.  Here's my favorite:

Dear Dorks,

Thank you for airing the story of the EMT who saved that baby's life 18 years ago. I know how it feels to wonder about a person who's chance meeting stays with you forever. I am a police officer in the QC. Six years ago I heard the fire department get dispatched to a child not breathing call.  I was on patrol at the time and was close to the address given. I arrived first and entered the home. The baby's mom handed me a lifeless little girl who had weeks earlier had  been a premature birth and was having breathing problems. The little girl had a pulse but was not breathing.  I began doing rescue breathing on her and radioed to have the ambulance expedite. My dispatch radioed back that all local ambulances were busy but an mutual aid ambulance from Moline was enroute but would be delayed. I continued the rescue breaths until the fire department arrived. I handed off the little girl to a paramedic who continued breathing into the baby.  We could not wait for an the ambulance so we placed the paramedic and the baby into the back of a another squad car that had arrived also. I got into my squad and together we rushed the the little girl to the hospital.  The paramedic continued with the rescue breathing while I went ahead and closed busy intersections so the squad with the baby could fly through intersections safely.  When we got to the hospital I met the officer who drove the paramedic and baby in the ER.  He told me the baby had started crying while they were enroute to the hospital.  This was the scariest call I ever handled in a 21 year police career.  I never saw that little girl again but now when I drive by her house I see a little pink bike with training wheels in the front yard so I know she's ok.  I will never forget that little girl even though I don't even know her name.--

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