It's a shame to think that there's less nice people in the world because their niceness was taken advantage of. Here's how being too nice can backfire on you.

  1. People can take advantage of you. Niceness can be confused for weakness and if they think you won't stand up for yourself, they'll try to manipulate you.
  2. They might question your motives. You might seem like a brown-noser to your boss or like you're trying to manipulate coworkers.
  3. You can seem boring. Nice is great if you can back it up with a personality. If "nice" is your defining characteristic, you'll come across as passive and bland.
  4. You might start sacrificing too much of your time by helping. Constantly helping coworkers will cause you to fall behind on your own work.
  5. People might stop listening to you. Being too nice can make you seem like a pushover. Make sure people realize you can say no and put your foot down if you need to.
  6. If you suddenly change your tone, you'll seem like a jerk. If you're always nice before finally standing up for yourself, the contrast can catch people off guard.

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