This is absolutely un-bear-able. The owner of a beautiful Shelby Cobra has some considerable repairs to do after a hungry bear opened the car like a tuna can.

Tom Cotter from North Carolina was up in Alaska with some friends as they all toured the state in their Shelby Cobras. The group had stopped for the night at the Alyeska Ski Resort. The next morning, one of them noticed something wrong with Tom's car.

The Shelby was covered in mud and scratches AND there was a gaping hole in soft top roof. Turns out a friend left a box of Fig Newtons behind the seat and a bear wanted the cookies for a snack.

"The car’s top had survived 53 years unscathed, but couldn’t make it 11 days in Alaska,” Cotter laughed. “I’ve got bigger problems, anyway. My clutch hydraulics went out, so I’ve convinced a guy to let me borrow his airplane hangar for a bit to fix things. I’ve got work to do.”

Tom Cotter
Tom Cotter

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