Live music great way to discover new music that can’t be replicated by listening to a recording. Time to celebrate the weekend with some great music in the Quad Cities area.

Here is a big ole list of some great live local bands to go support!


  • JARED DECK @ Contrary Brewing


  • Lewis Knudsen @ Steventon's Riverfront Food & Spirits
  • Ky + the other guy host open mic @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Jen Craft Acoustic @ Twin Span Brewing


  • Craig Gerdes Band @ Denny O's
  • Crazy Ex, Potential Spam @ Harley Corin's
  • Ariel McReynolds @ 1 Hundred West
  • Rabbit Hole @ Parkside
  • Jordan Danielsen @ The Tangled Wood
  • Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls, Superfly Samurai @ Rhythm Room


  • Avey Grouws Band @ Whiskey Stop
  • Jim Ryan @ Geneseo Brewing Co
  • Neck Wrung & Toxic Messiah @ Rock Island Brewing Company
  • Lyrics In Red @ Grease Monkeys Sports Bar and Grill
  • THRESHOLD @ Harley Corins
  • Jordan Danielsen @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Funktastic 5 @ The Hawkeye
  • Bethann Heidgerken @ Nerdspeak Brewery
  • Sensations at Rascals
  • Electric Shock The AC/DC Show @ Q Casino
  • Jef Spradley @ Pour Bros. Craft Taproom Moline
  • The 80's Era by Brian Carroll @ POUR BROS. Craft Taproom
  • Acoustic Friends at CBW @ Crawford Brew Works
  • For Those About to Yacht @ Rustt Belt


  • Doggin' Out @ Harley Corin's
  • Emily The Band @ The V’ue

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