Someone on Twitter recently asked what overused word or phrase they'd BAN from sports and sports coverage if they could, and the topic went viral.

Here are 10 of the most popular responses, based on the number of 'likes.'

  1. Adversity
  2. Barstool, which is apparently a reference to the website
  3. Classy
  4. GOAT, which of course means 'Greatest of All-Time.'
  5. Redskins, because some people find it offensive.
  6. Winningest
  7. 110%
  8. Bayless, which is a reference to annoying ESPN personality Skip Bayless.
  9. Physicality
  10. Warrior. The user added, "Please. It's a sport / game. Not life and death." You could probably add a lot of other overly-dramatic military terms to that, like hero, soldier, war, and battle.

Most of these are pretty good, but with the wall-to-wall sports coverage, there's really no shortage of responses.

Some other good ones from the thread include: High-motor, clutch, filthy, intangibles, launch angle, load management, money's worth, swagger, RBI or RBIs pronounced "ribbies," aggressiveness because the noun should be aggression.

Momentum, "glue guy," penetrate, "basketball IQ," spiritability, "wants / wanted it more," hustle, elite, process, and "putting on a clinic."

One more that I'd suggest is when people use the WHOLE phrase "in the National Football League," when they could just shorten it to "in the NFL," "in the league," or just say nothing, since it'd usually be implied.

In the NBA, it's always "in the game of basketball." LeBron James hardly ever says basketball without "in the game of" in front of it. And I think he got that from Michael Jordan. But a LOT of players say it.

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