A man woke up to an angry note from his neighbor, and a nasty surprise when he went outside as well.

Apparently, his neighbors thought his new exhaust on his Mustang was too loud. Rather than approach him nicely to talk about it, they decided to leave a note and put spray foam in his tailpipe.

“I finally found you! You want our attention, you don’t want our attention. You have 14 days to fix the mufflers or put the stock back on. Don’t egg us on, you will only regret it. We encourage you to call the police, install video, nothing will work. Fix your muffler!"

It's possible he was talked to about it before this happened, but these days, it wouldn't surprise me that this was unprovoked.

Looks like it's time to cut it at the cat to me.


Here's our full interview with Aaron.


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