Here's the next thing you can argue about at the dinner table: Are you a chocolate or a non-chocolate person?

According to a new poll from Zippia, America is split 50-50 on whether their favorite is some kind of chocolate or not.

The poll asked for what people's favorite candy is, and 25 states reported back preferring chocolate candies, and 25 said they preferred some kind of gummy candy.

As for Connecticut, they love those nasty black and orange wrapped candies called "Peanut Butter Kisses." Seriously. You'd rather eat that nasty peanut butter brick thing?

New Hampshire voted for Circus Peanuts. What is this, 1930?

Iowa is home to the most candy lovers, with the favorites being Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, M&M's, and Twix.


Favorite Candy By State

  • Alabama- Starburst
  • Alaska- Smarties
  • Arizona- Mr. Goodbar
  • Arkansas- Skittles
  • California- Crunch Bar
  • Colorado- Airheads
  • Connecticut- Peanut Butter Kisses
  • Delaware- Twizzlers
  • Florida- Airheads
  • Georgia- Starburst
  • Hawaii- KitKat
  • Idaho- Milk Duds
  • Illinois- KitKat
  • Indiana- Dum Dums
  • Iowa- Starburst
  • Kansas- Whoppers
  • Kentucky- Heath bar
  • Louisiana- Payday
  • Maine- Liquorice
  • Maryland- Blow Pops
  • Massachusetts- Junior Mints
  • Michigan- Junior Mints
  • Minnesota- Snickers
  • Mississippi- Payday
  • Missouri- Nerds
  • Montana- Airheads
  • Nebraska- Twizzlers
  • Nevada- KitKat
  • New Hampshire- Circus Peanuts
  • New Jersey- Crunch Bar
  • New Mexico- Hot Tamales
  • New York- Crunch Bar
  • North Carolina- Crunch Bar
  • North Dakota- Starburst
  • Ohio- Blow Pops
  • Oklahoma- Runts
  • Oregon- Reeses Pieces
  • Pennsylvania- Twizzlers
  • Rhode Island- Baby Ruth
  • South Carolina- Starburst
  • South Dakota- Milky Way
  • Tennessee- Blow Pops
  • Texas- Starburst
  • Utah- Three Musketeers
  • Vermont- Tootsie Pop
  • Virginia- Sour Patch Kids
  • Washington- KitKat
  • West Virginia- Tootsie Rolls
  • Wisconsin- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • Wyoming- Hershey Kisses
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