Have you been spending more time on streaming services than you were before the pandemic? Chances are you're one of the people contributing to statistics SWNS published yesterday.

They say the average American has watched eight hours of content per day during the current lockdowns.

SWNS found out a few other things through a poll of 2,000.

  • 3 in 4 people admit they're streaming more content than normal
  • 65% of parents are letting their kids watch more TV than normal- Hats off to the parents who aren't using the TV as a babysitter.
  • We're not finding new content- 56% of people said they just re-watch a show instead of finding a new one.
  • The average streamer has 4 different streaming services- You probably have access to Netflix, Hulu, Prime and one other, possibly a private podcaster's website?
  • Since the outbreak began, we've started sharing passwords- You don't pay for all 4 of those services, do you? The most common passwords shared are with our significant other, siblings, parents, and close friends.
  • We're going through three full shows a week- Half of us knockout a show every 48 hours.

Read more at SWNS

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