Have you found yourself wandering around the dollar store trying to figure out what's really a good deal? No? Just me?

If you're like me, these are some things you should always wait to buy at dollar stores. You'll safe yourself a bunch of money if you do.

  • Spices. Every time you buy them at a normal store, you'll spend about three times as much.
  • Ibuprofen. You won't get name-brand or a huge bottle for a buck, but if you don't need a ton it's a good thing.
  • Party supplies. Streamers, napkins, and things like that are disposable items and can cost a lot if you don’t watch out.
  • Flip flops. It's nice to have an extra pair lying around and if they only cost a buck or two, so it doesn't matter if they wear out fast.
  • Office supplies. Things like pens, notebooks, envelopes, and art supplies are good deals.
  • Greeting cards. Especially if you like the 'blank inside' kind. They're way cheaper than at other places.
  • Pregnancy tests. Cheap tests still work and you can buy a dozen for $12.

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