A private zoo in Wisconsin says an alligator might be loose in the area after apparently escaping from its enclosure.

Doc's Zoo at Doc's Harley Davidson in Bonduel, Shawano County said their alligator who they refer to as Rex was discovered to have gotten out of his enclosure on Saturday.

Steve "Doc" Hopkins, the owner of the zoo, said Rex has been at their facility for over 35 years, and is "typically very docile" and isn't very likely to pose a risk to the general public.

"He doesn't go hunt for his food. He's never had to do that, I don't even think he knows how," Hopkins told WLUK.

In a Facebook post, the zoo mentioned that Rex ""has severe arthritis in his jaws making it very difficult to open his mouth more than an inch."

"We are heartbroken that on Saturday May 22nd, one of our alligators went missing from his enclosure. It is important to know that Rex, the missing gator, is very old & has severe arthritis in his jaws making it very difficult to open his mouth more than an inch," the post reads. "He’s typically very docile & is not a danger to the public. Extensive search efforts have continued since his disappearance. If you happen to find Rex, please keep your distance & don’t harm him."

Rex is one of the four alligators kept at the zoo, which apparently is also a Harley Davidson dealership. Doc himself said that their gators are typically exotic pets that were surrendered after not being able to be cared for by their owners anymore.

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