We've all got so much free time. It turns out we're even watching streaming services about 8 hours a day. Rather than rot the brain in your head, why not nourish it and learn a few new things?

Learn to Play Guitar with Fender

That acoustic guitar you bought to "bring the room together" that's been sitting on the stand since you tried to learn Stairway to Heaven the second day doesn't have to be a waste of money. Fender is offering free 3 months online lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele, through their program Fender Play.


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Visit the link in bio to get started. Let’s play through this together.

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Become a Master Chef The Kitchn offers virtual cooking lessons, so you can learn everything from knife skills to garlic chopping. Seonkyoung Longest has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to teaching how to cook Asian cuisine. He even offers live cooking classes.


Heck, just type in "Cooking" and the food you want into YouTube.

Become a Prima Ballerina with NYC's Principal Dancer Tiler Peck jumps on her Instagram every morning and give a free ballet lesson.  

Learn a New Language with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is offering free lessons for the next three months to students while they're not in school.


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Learn to Code Get that extra promotion when this is all over by learning how to be a programming wizard through FreeCodeCamp.  

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