As Easter approaches, so does the onslaught of marshmallow bunnies and chicks that somehow taste terrible yet addicting. Turns out, those things have flavors, even though I've always just thought they were the same crappy, soft but crunchy flavored marshmallow material.

So you've got 17 options of Peeps flavors in front of you, but which do you pick? Here's the official list of Worst to Best:

  1. Fruit Punch- They smell like Hawaiian Punch and cough syrup, but taste like dental flouride
  2. Sour Watermelon- Smells like watermelon Sour Patch Kids, but tastes overly artificial, so if that's your thing, have at it.
  3. Blue Raspberry- A waft of blue-raspberry slaps you in the face when you open the packaging, but when you take a bite, it's just a fruity sugar-bomb in your mouth. The flavor isn't terrible but it definitely isn't the best, and it's certainly a weird taste for a marshmallow.
  4. Raspberry Dipped in Fudge- Yeah, no thanks.
  5. Root Beer Float- If you think this is bad, don't try the last 4 flavors.
  6. Sugar Free- Just think about how a sugar free marshmallow with crystal sugar would taste.
  7. Froot Loops- I feel like they should just stick to crappy marshmallows and not try to blend breakfast into the tradition.
  8. Pancakes and Syrup- Alright. That's enough of this.
  9. Original- The best seller of all time, but not the best tasting of all time.
  10. Cotton Candy- Looks like a robins egg, tastes like a bucket of sugar.
  11. Hot Tamales- For blending two candies that taste terrible together, this one isn't half bad. It tastes like Big Red, or you know, Hot Tamales.
  12. Original Dipped in Milk ChocolateEverything tastes better dipped in chocolate.
  13. Party Cake- It tastes like vanilla, sprinkles, and frosting coming together in the flavor of a cake.
  14. Chocolate Pudding- It tastes like a marshmallow had a baby with a Snack Pack.
  15. Coconut Dipped in Dark Chocolate- If you've ever been in the market for a Mounds flavored marshmallow, this is all yours.
  16. Strawberry Dipped in Fudge- If you miss eating strawberry shortcake bars from the ice cream truck, this one is tailored just for you.
  17. Chocolate Caramel Swirl- The center of this Peep is full of caramel. Think a marshmallow version of a caramel Hershey Kiss.

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