Alice Cooper has announced the launch of a Halloween party game titled HorrorBox.

Released in association with Fitz Games, the card-based concept is described as “a first-of-its-kind, haunted comedy card game with a focus on all things horror.

“Co-written by a team of horror fanatics, with help from the rock legend himself, the game prompts players to select from question cards like ‘Pennywise tricked me by …’ and ‘The tenth circle of hell is for …’” the official statement added. “Entertaining answer cards, such as ‘Setting up my haunted house as an AirBnB,’ provide countless pairings for endless laughter. To kick things up a notch, dare cards are sprinkled into the question cards, cueing players to ‘drink something that looks like blood’ or ‘knock on your neighbors door and say you’re next.’”

Cooper said: “This is 2020, which means all things are upside down and backwards. You’re going to be staying home a lot, so why not play HorrorBox? It’s something totally new, fun for everyone. I helped write a lot of the stuff in it. You will become the Addams Family, if that’s a goal in your life.”

Fitz Games pointed out that the game was designed to be played “together with friends in real life,” but it would also work well over video chat. Available to audiences aged 14 and up, the basic set comes with 420 cards, while seven expansion packs can be added. One of those contains 40 cards written entirely by Cooper himself.

HorrorBox is on sale now.


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