Get ready to say good bye to the Log Ride and hello to The Monster. Adventureland will begin construction on this new roller coaster this fall.

In a statement, park officials said the coaster will cost an estimated nine million dollars to construct.

Governor Terry Branstad said he is excited to see the park grow.

“We appreciate the continued investment by the Krantz family in Adventureland Park and encourage Iowans to consider a family outing or vacation to this wonderful Iowa attraction,” the Governor is quoted saying in the park’s statement.

To make room for the new coaster, named “The Monster,” the park will be replacing the log ride.

The log ride has been a staple at the amusement park since it opened in 1974.


The coaster will have a 2500 foot steel track, 133 foot vertical lift hill, 5 inversions, a 101 degree first drop and 10 “airtime” moments. It will cross the existing Sky Ride 8 times and boasts the first negative-G stall loop in the western hemisphere!