Our Classic Car Calendar model for April is Megan. She's been a friend of the show for a long time. Her entire life, actually!

Megan is my middle daughter and has been modeling locally for the last few years. So, just like with any of our other kids, my wife and I try to support and encourage their interests as best we can.

As a dad, I told her repeatedly: "Go for it! Hand modeling is where it's at!!" Well, she's not a kid anymore. She's a young woman and we're pretty proud of her!

So, again, as a dad, I would HIGHLY encourage you to check out this month's classic car!!! WOW! Ain't she a peach? She's green and has tires and some windows and stuff. LOTS to feast your eyes on! I'd tell you the make and year but...heck, it's gotta be on the car there, somewhere! Also, don't miss this month's sponsor, Speed and Floyd's! See all their information? It's right there at the bottom of the calendar (next to the Camera Corner logo) Why don't you look for yourself!

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