Canadians have a reputation for being overly polite, but apparently that's not the case if their season is on the line.

The Toronto Blue Jays played the Texas Rangers in the deciding game of an American League Division series yesterday, and there was a weird play in the seventh inning.

When the catcher for the Blue Jays threw the ball back to the pitcher, it hit the batter's bat and landed near third. And when the runner on third saw it, he ran home. Before he got there, the umpire signaled batters' interference and said it was a dead ball. But it isn't interference if the batter is in the batter's box at the time, it's a live ball. So they corrected the call and allowed the run.

That put the Rangers up 3-to-2, and the fans were furious. They threw beer cans and trash onto the field, and one beer from the upper deck hit a woman who was holding a baby.

It took a while, but they eventually got the crowd calmed down enough to continue. The Blue Jays ended up winning, and advanced to the next round.